Guru Neri and Thiruneri in Upadesamalai

Madhan Kumar R
Department of Languages, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore-641021, Tamil Nadu, India.


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Tiruvavaduthurai Athenathu pandara Satras fourteen. The books of grace in this collection are given by Arulthiru Ambalavana Desikar, Arulthiru Dakshinamurthy Desikar, Arulthiru Swaminatha Desikar and Arulthiru Perur Velappadesikas. Among them is The Admonition Venpa, one of the ten books of Grace given by Arulthiru Ambalavana Desikas. This book is written by the author in his language to express the blessings of his wise guru Namachivaya Murthis. This book condemns the ignorance that we will be directly subjected to yoga and meet the nitta, excluding the steps of right and work. This book emphasizes the clear method of receiving the fire through the teaching of the Jnanaguru and following its instructions properly and following the yoga system. In accordance with the Saiva ethics of 'Thirumeni Kandal of The Clear Guru' and 'Thiruvarthai Ketal of The Clear Guru', The Lord of The Guru, Namachivaya Murthis, has been blessed with the blessings of 'Enadurai dhanathuraiyaga. In the final verse of this book, He speaks of 'Namachivaya Murtis' as evidence of the enduring grace of The Ambalavana Desikas towards his jnanasiriyas. This article examines the conditions in which this book is translated into ways in which yoga can be attained through the aryans, the temple worship, the sariyai, and the work of the Shiva puja.


  • Shiva pujas,
  • Workship,
  • Aryans,
  • Venpa


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