Indian Journal of Tamil <p><strong>“Indian Journal of Tamil (IJOT)” (E ISSN 2582-662X)</strong> is a peer-reviewed quarterly open access journal published in both Tamil and English, provides an international forum for the publication of language and linguistics researchers. IJOT is dedicated to publishing, clearly written an original article, review articles, conceptual articles and essays. Currently, the journal accepts articles in all fields related to the Tamil language. However, more general language and literature articles are also welcome.</p> Asian Research Association en-US Indian Journal of Tamil 2582-662X Kamban's New Creative Strategy and Iraniyan's Story <p>The Kamba Ramayanam is a unique cultural repository of Tamil society, a treasure of the arts, and an epic in which the Supreme God has incarnated in this soil, bearing a human form. The learners will be well aware of the poetic ability of Kambar, who flavoured the fruits that had been soaked in the heart of Valmiki, the primordial poet, and who then amplified the taste of that fruit. In more than 10,000 of the six chapters, Kambar, who records the divinity of Rama and the greatness of his human birth, brings through it many sub-stories,&nbsp;introduces them, and gives a flavour to the epic. In this way, this article examines the necessity of the Iraniyan story in the Yuddha Kandam (Chapter on War), the creative strategy of the epic scholar to include this subplot in between, and the reason for this.</p> Murugesan K Copyright (c) 2023 Murugesan K 2023-03-21 2023-03-21 4 2 1 8 10.54392/ijot2321