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After the Sangam period, the literature emphasized justice and morals in abundance. During the rule of Kalapirar who came from the north, both the internal and external literature of Sangam literature lost its values. The way of life of Tamil people changed. Justice and virtue were needed in that context. The collection of books that appeared then is Eighteen Anthologies. Naladiyar or Vaelanvaetham is one among those Eighteen Anthologies. This book is a collection of songs written by many Jain sages. Like Thirukkural, Naladiyar is divided into three major divisions. The purpose of this article is to analyse the ideas, thoughts and opinions described in Naladiyar to improve the human society.</p> Jothimani J Copyright (c) 2023 Jothimani J 2023-08-02 2023-08-02 4 3 1 7 10.54392/ijot2331 Transgenders in Tamil Literary Tradition <p>All living things have the right to live on the Earth. There should be no difference even among high-ranking people. Transgenders are human beings like male and female. They should also be treated as equals and be respected as a living being. But they are ridiculed and teased in society. People who are inferior in levels of caste, occupation, politics, sexual status, economic status can be termed as marginal. But the Dalits, black women, transgenders etc. Are always considered as the margins. Among such marginalized ranks, the social esteem of transgenders are very low. Caste-based atrocities treat women as inferior because they are women. Overall they are human beings and should be treated equally in society. This article investigates about the notes on transgenders in Tamil literary works.</p> Kumari N Copyright (c) 2023 Kumari N 2023-08-11 2023-08-11 4 3 8 13 10.54392/ijot2332 Specialties of Tamil in Vaanidasan's Works <p>Poet Vaanidasan can be admired as "poets are born not made". Poet Kannadasan has mentioned in Thentral magazine that if his works are translated into English, he may win the Nobel Prize. In the history of twentieth century literature, he is distinguished as an ideal poet and influenced by poet Bharathidasan. He is Bharathidasan's first student. He has received all the special titles like Tamil Kaatha Pudumai kavinar, Poet of Nature, Bhavalar Mani, Kavinareru Bhavalar Mannan. Awarded "Chevalier" by the French Government. All his poems are about Tamil language, Tamil people, it's culture, features and so on. &nbsp;He gave importance to nature. A poetic voice for the advancement of women. This article aims to highlight the special features of Tamil that are revealed in the works of Vaanidasan.</p> Punidavathi K.S Copyright (c) 2023 Punidavathi K.S 2023-08-20 2023-08-20 4 3 14 18 10.54392/ijot2333 A Study on the Role of Tamil Films in the Teaching of Social Issues <p>The impact of movies on women's empowerment has been enormous. Movies have always been one of the most essential sources of entertainment in our modern lives. In movies art, technology, commerce, entertainment, and aesthetics all come together. All four elements play a vital role in the present, as seen by the variety of their manifestations. Movies are about technology, business, and entertainment, while cinema is about aesthetics. Society has a significant influence on film, which is reflected in them. Through the big screen, the film has attempted to reflect and promote awareness about societal issues as well as women's empowerment and reelection since its inception. Casteism, politics, social discrimination, the zamindari system, untouchability, women empowerment, national integration, and so on. The main goal of this research paper is to comprehend the role of movies in the influence of women's empowerment. The following main areas have been considered: the importance of movies, movie tools, learning with movies, and examples, media in development communication, the effect of mass media on motivation, and the positive impact of movies on societies. The secondary data was thoroughly examined based on the study and was available on various mass media related to movies with social messages.</p> Nirmala M Noushad C Copyright (c) 2023 Nirmala M, Noushad C 2023-08-25 2023-08-25 4 3 19 26 10.54392/ijot2334