Hospitality Virtue Taught by Saththanar: Study Based on The Manimekalai

Murukaiya Sathees
Department of Tamil, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.


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Manimekalai is an epic created by Satan in order to uplift the degenerate social trend.  In this he has also emphasized Buddhist thought by emphasizing hospitality as a high virtue.  Hunger is natural for living things, especially monitors.  That needs to be addressed.  He points out that the hungry need hospitality.  Satan claims that medicine is food for the hungry and that disease must be avoided.  The high opinion is that all people, irrespective of country, language or ethnicity, should be protected from the scourge of famine.  The survey was conducted with the aim of building a famine-free society with the lofty goal of eradicating the deadly disease of hunger that plagued human society.  Satan's Manimekalai has been used primarily for this study, and related essays, journals, and electronic commentaries have also been used as research data.  The study also suggests that more such studies should be conducted by researchers in view of famine-free social formation.


  • Saththanar,
  • Manimekalai,
  • Community Need,
  • Hospitality,
  • Teaching


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