Call for Papers - November Issue 2021

A research study on Local Rituals of Eastern Sri Lanka that was appropriated according to Pandemic

Gowrieeswaran T
Department of Fine Arts, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.


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This study deals with the annual ritual practices of Eastern Sri Lanka and how the ritual practices were determined, designed and redesigned time to time according to the natural disaster of Pandemics. The order of the existing local ritual practices are particularly designed and constructed in order to get rid from smallpox. Literature of local ritual practices are rich in information and instruction of the pandemic, smallpox.  Oral traditions carries plenty of experiences and stories about the pandemic particularly during local ritual ceremonies. Period, atmosphere and behavior of people in ritual ceremony and the things utilized and consumed particularly the food habits exhibit the experiences of a pandemic they underwent and designed or redesigned the ritual ceremony to get rid from the catastrophe.


  • Local Rituals,
  • Pandemic,
  • Smallpox,
  • Appropriation,
  • Texts (oral and literary)


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Volume 2, Issue 3, Year 2021

Published 2021-08-05

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T, G. (2021). A research study on Local Rituals of Eastern Sri Lanka that was appropriated according to Pandemic. Indian Journal of Tamil, 2(3), 35–41.

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