Moral Principles in Naladiyar or Vaelanvaetham

Jothimani J
Department of Tamil, Government Arts & Science College, Veppanthattai-621116, Tamil Nadu, India


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History says Tamil literature is very old and unique. There are many types of literature that have flourished in the Tamil language and among them Didactic literature have gained distinction. This Didactic literature guides people in a good way. After the Sangam period, the literature emphasized justice and morals in abundance. During the rule of Kalapirar who came from the north, both the internal and external literature of Sangam literature lost its values. The way of life of Tamil people changed. Justice and virtue were needed in that context. The collection of books that appeared then is Eighteen Anthologies. Naladiyar or Vaelanvaetham is one among those Eighteen Anthologies. This book is a collection of songs written by many Jain sages. Like Thirukkural, Naladiyar is divided into three major divisions. The purpose of this article is to analyse the ideas, thoughts and opinions described in Naladiyar to improve the human society.


  • Tamil literature,
  • Eighteen Anthologies,
  • Naladiyar,
  • Vaelanvaetham,
  • Jain sages,
  • Sangam period
  • ...More


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