A study of the Dathan Inscription

Murugu Thayanithy
Department of Tamil Language, National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka


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The biographies and historical identities of the Tamils are given prominence in the form of inscriptions, manuscripts and pottery. There are many inscriptions and manuscripts in Batticaloa and Tamil Nadu in Sri Lanka. Thus, the Dathan inscription is one of the major inscriptions referring to the Batticaloa Prehistory and the Batticaloa Manmiyam. This inscription identifies Dathan who came to Batticaloa during the reign of Ethirmannasingan, the Kalinga king who ruled Batticaloa. Dathan, who came from Kongu Naadu in India and belonged to the Vaishnava religion, came here to teach the Pandavas about the exile. The Pandiruppu Thiraupadi Amman Temple is a continuation of this. In such a context, the Pandiruppu Thiroupathi Amman Temple is the first temple in Sri Lanka. Following this many Thiroupathi Amman temples were established in Batticaloa Tamil Nadu. Bharatanatyam is spread in the background of this Dathan inscription and one can also see the rhymes associated with the story of bharatha Ammanai that have arisen here. Following that, the goddesses are also beginning to write Bharat Goddess Ammanai, Vaikuntha Goddess Reading. All these goddesses have arisen in Batticaloa Tamil Nadu with the input of story of bharatham. It also shows the history of the Sinhala king Vimaladharmasooriya I who ruled Kandy and clarifies the grant given by the emperor to the Pandiruppu Thiroupathi Amman temple.


  • Dathan,
  • Inscription,
  • Goddess,
  • Koothu,
  • Kings


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