Social and Cultural Theory Exposed by Gunasekaran’s Drama of ‘THODU’

Muthulakshmi V
Department of Tamil, Athoor Cooperative Arts and Science College, Aathupatti, Dindigul-624303, Tamil Nadu, India.


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A country controls and rules another country by its social, political and economical power as it is called colonization. This colonization activity has started from Aryan invasion on Dravidian people and their culture. From 19th century many countries ruled by Portuguese, Dutch, Roman countries. They explored on another country and ruled it as slave. Later The slavery system tried to break its chain and got freedom by political way. Even though the colonized countries got freedom from rued country, their footpath of colonization never vanished and developed based on new world and technology. K.A. Gunasekaran written a drama of “Thodu” which discloses that every nation must have self thinking and its effects on their country by their principle. By this play he wants to recover the Corner people and Tribes people from slavery system.


  • Thodu,
  • K.A. Gunasekaran,
  • Freedom,
  • Slavery system


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