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Effect of Hot Rolling on the Intrinsic Properties of Aluminium-Titanium Bonded by PTFE/ C -Cyanoacrylate

Mahmoud A. Rabah
Chemical and electrochemical treatments lab., Mineral Processing Dept, Central Metallurgical research and development Institute (CMRDI), 11421 El-Tebbin, Helwan, Cairo , Egypt.


The concern of this study shows the effect of hot rolling on the properties of a composite sheet prepared from aluminium bonded to titanium metals sandwiching PTFE (Du Pont)/graphite emulsion in perfluoro kerosene. The metals were soaked in hot oxygenated water and dried at 80 °C for 5 - 10 minutes to create a thin film of oxide. The metals were bonded with cyanoacrylate blended to the polymer emulsion that applied to the oxidized surface of the clean metals. Two coated surfaces sandwich the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/graphite emulsion followed by ‎hot-rolling. The rolling process was matched at 500- 560 °C (≈ 150 °C, over the melting point of the PTFE) under a pressure of 150-200 KPa. The obtained composite sheet was annealed at 550 °C to remove any residual stresses. Results revealed that upon cooling, the mix microphase would separate with the OH radicals on the metal surface and the CF displaced away. The temperature and time of cyanoacrylate application enhanced the extent of adhesion to create a homogeneous composite metal sheet. The effect of the hot rolling conditions was ascribed to the PTFE underactivity and incompatibility. Rolling imparts squeezing of the metals and changes the intrinsic properties. Linear thermal expansion coefficient of the composite sheet confirms partial diffusion of the soft metal in the harder one across the adhesive. The applied technique deforms the PTFE particles without inhibiting the adhesion strength of the cyanoacrylate. The prepared sheet has physical properties that would be suitable for bailiwick and structural ‎application.


  • Al-Ti PTFE bonded laminar sheet,
  • aeronautic sheet,
  • PTFE as adhesive material


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Published 2021-04-10


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