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Reviewer and Publisher Responsibilities

Reviewer Responsibilities

  • Please make sure the article belongs to your specialization and if not, we request you to inform the editor as well as you are welcome to recommend the alternate reviewers. Also, the reviewers can decline the invitation if you are preparing the similar manuscript and if you have already reviewed the same manuscript at different journal.
  • The reviewers cannot not be a co-author or collaborator with any of the authors mentioned in the manuscript. Also, the person working at the same institution cannot be a reviewer.
  • Please make sure there is no financial/nonfinancial conflict of interest
  • Reviewers are requested to complete the review within a stipulated time and if they find any difficulty, they may contact the editor for extension of time.
  • Irrespective of religion, race, country and political beliefs the reviewers should perform review in an ethical manner
  • Using vulgar comments should be avoided. Reviewers’ comments should be an aid for improving the author’s work.
  • The reviewers should not impose the authors to cite their published articles.
  • Reviewers are suggested to provide the following comments/decisions based on the manuscript quality
    • Accept
    • Accept with Minor Revision
    • Accept with Major Revision
    • Reject
  • In case of major revision, the revised manuscript will be once again sent to the reviewers for their final comments/suggestions.
  • According to COPE guidelines the reviewers should respect the confidentiality of the peer review process (
  • Also, we suggest the reviewers to go through COPE guidelines for more information (
  • Reviewers are requested to (download) and use the reviewer form and use it for review purpose and are encouraged to provide their comments in the review form. Alternatively, they can mention/highlight their comments in the review file without mentioning their identity.


  • Reviewer certificate will be provided once the review is done.
  • We assist the reviewers to get their Web of Science Reviewer recognition for their completed review.

Publisher Responsibilities

  • Responsible for payments to indexing and other services
  • To make sure that the journal follows the latest publication ethics formulated by COPE (
  • Responsible for timely publication process (Post acceptance process)
  • To support and ensure editorial freedom to all the editors and board members
  • Improving scholarly publications by distributing / partnering and indexing the journal article with the leading databases and platforms. To use the latest technology to identify misconduct on publication ethics
  • To make sure all the articles are freely available on the journal website under the license Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) (
  • Support Editor-in-Chief/ editors with the editorial staff