A black box system (BBS) in a car is crucial for recording and analyzing critical data to enhance safety, investigate accidents, and improve vehicle performance. This research presents a BBS developed using Arduino for cars, aimed at using the power of modern technology for comprehensive data capture and analysis in vehicular contexts. The BBS, or Event Data Recorder (EDR), is an essential component for enhancing road safety, accident analysis, and overall vehicle performance evaluation. The proposed system uses Arduino, a versatile and cost-effective microcontroller platform, to create a robust and customizable solution. It integrates various sensors and data acquisition modules to collect critical data points, including speed, acceleration, GPS coordinates, engine performance, and vehicle diagnostics. The architecture of the system and its smooth integration into automobiles are described in this article through detailed hardware and software design. Data retrieval and analysis are made possible by the system's user-friendly interface, which helps with fleet management, driver behaviour analysis, and accident investigation. This paper addresses the importance of data privacy and security while highlighting technological improvements. It proposes measures to ensure that personal data is managed responsibly and in accordance with legal requirements. In conclusion, a major advancement in improving road safety and vehicle monitoring has been made with the integration of Arduino technology into the car's BBS. Considering data security and privacy, this system provides users with an extensive set of facts to enable them to make well-informed decisions.


Black Box System, Arduino, Sensors, Microcontroller, Automobile, Safety,


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