Geethanjali shree ke upanyaas “Mai” mein prastut “Mai” kee manodasha

Amsaveni D
Department of Hindi, Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science for Women, Coimbatore-641044, Tamil Nadu, India


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Geethanjali Shree's first novel is Mai. Keeping Mai as the central character in the novel, it is written how a woman plays country characters together throughout her life and stays in her central role, runs the family, fulfils social responsibility and fulfils her imagination. The novel shows an open account of who takes the help of whom to do this. Draws the blueprint of Mai's multifaceted central role from the point of view of a daughter, in which, like a reel, from her childhood to her youth, she clearly conveys everything, because of Mai, she is not a woman but worldly folk behaviour and life. Where can go the perfect circle of the banyan tree, which includes everything that is important in Mai's life, from good and bad things to accidents, which go home in Mai's subconscious and which Mai is never forgotten, Mai's living by this side is not liked by her children, she wants to liberate them, Mai is poor in the eyes of children, Mai's wishes are never seen in Mai's family, she Ignored, Mai devoted to her family, thus presenting the feelings of Mai.


  • Mai,
  • Geethanjali Shree,
  • Behavior,
  • Social Responsibility


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Volume 3, Issue 3, Year 2022

Published 2022-08-09