Indian Journal of Multilingual Research and Development 2023-03-30T00:00:00+00:00 Dr. Madhumita Barbora Open Journal Systems <p>The <strong>“Indian Journal of Multilingual Research and Development”</strong> <strong>(E ISSN 2582-9025)</strong> is a cross-disciplinary, peer reviewed quarterly journal for researchers from various scholarly and geographical backgrounds. Currently, the journal invites articles in the domain of all twenty-three languages along with the English title, abstract and references. Moreover, research in literature, culture, religion, translation, ethnicity and nationalism, sign language, science, technology and software development related to these languages were also encouraged in English and the languages mentioned above. But, general language, literature and linguistics articles written in English will not be considered for publication. Moreover, apart from the above-mentioned languages articles from other Indian Languages and endangered languages are also welcome.</p> The usage of Eval and Viyankol verbs in Purananuru 2023-02-17T07:58:12+00:00 Sharan Suklam AL Navin GG <p>Purananuru is one of the books from the Ettuttokai Compilation from the eighteen books of classical Tamil literature Patinen Merkanakku. There are four hundred poems in Purananuru from various poets and various places compiled as one book. Among Tamils, life was surrounded by four main concepts which are virtue, wealth, love, and the afterlife, this book of poems consists of three main concepts of life as stated before which is a virtue, wealth, and the afterlife as related to Puram. Everyone knows that the word Puram means outside. But here the word has been used in the position of the external discipline of life. It was called Purananuru because it has four hundred poems about external discipline. This study aims to find the verbs of eval and viyaṅkol in these four hundred poems and explain their usage. The researcher has found such verbs in twelve places from the poems and explained their usage. He has also analyzed the connection between the sections of the poems (tinai) and the words found earlier. The origin and meaning of eval and viyankol verbs found in poems were discussed in this study. It has been found that these types of verbs are included in these poems that praise the king and the hero because the verb eval and viyankol appear only in the Munnilai. Through this research, the researcher has learned the duty of analyzing such morphological elements with Tamil literary texts and bringing the needs of the times to the youth through this literature. Ancient Tamil language can also be studied through this along with vocabulary.</p> 2023-02-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Sharan Suklam AL, Navin GG