Indian Journal of Multilingual Research and Development 2022-12-30T00:00:00+00:00 Dr. Madhumita Barbora Open Journal Systems <p>The <strong>“Indian Journal of Multilingual Research and Development”</strong> <strong>(E ISSN 2582-9025)</strong> is a cross-disciplinary, peer reviewed quarterly journal for researchers from various scholarly and geographical backgrounds. Currently, the journal invites articles in the domain of all twenty-three languages along with the English title, abstract and references. Moreover, research in literature, culture, religion, translation, ethnicity and nationalism, sign language, science, technology and software development related to these languages were also encouraged in English and the languages mentioned above. But, general language, literature and linguistics articles written in English will not be considered for publication. Moreover, apart from the above-mentioned languages articles from other Indian Languages and endangered languages are also welcome.</p> A Novel Interpretation of Bṛhaspatisūkta 2022-12-02T08:35:43+00:00 Vasudev Aital <p>Vedas have been studied with great interest at all times, resulting in their multi-lingual translations across the globe. There have been attempts to understand the Vedic <em>devatās</em> with different perspectives. These <em>devatās</em> are mythically glorified in the later literature, especially in the <em>Itihāsas</em> and <em>Purāṇas</em>. Among the earlier attempts made by scholars, we find detailed accounts of deities like Indra, Agni and a few others, but seldom do we find the same of Bṛhaspati. This paper presents a detailed novel interpretation with a perspective in light of <em>ādhyātmika</em> understanding of the <em>Bṛhaspatisūkta</em> (10.68) of the <em>Ṛgveda.</em> Here the author tried to follow the path of interpretative tradition expounded by the <em>ācāryas</em> like Udgītha, Sāyaṇa etc. and also the later commentators.</p> 2022-12-02T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Vasudev Aital