Indian Journal of Multilingual Research and Development <p>The <strong>“Indian Journal of Multilingual Research and Development”</strong> <strong>(E ISSN 2582-9025)</strong> is a cross-disciplinary, peer reviewed quarterly journal for researchers from various scholarly and geographical backgrounds. Currently, the journal invites articles in the domain of all twenty-three languages along with the English title, abstract and references. Moreover, research in literature, culture, religion, translation, ethnicity and nationalism, sign language, science, technology and software development related to these languages were also encouraged in English and the languages mentioned above. But, general language, literature and linguistics articles written in English will not be considered for publication. Moreover, apart from the above-mentioned languages articles from other Indian Languages and endangered languages are also welcome.</p> en-US (Dr. Madhumita Barbora) (R Vignesh) Fri, 30 Sep 2022 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 Patrons in Kuruntokai <p>In ancient Tamil Nadu, countless literatures emerged in the world of Tamil literature due to the patronage of poets who knew the depths of the sea like Tamil Literature. A country's greatest wealth is its literature. Sangam literature is the best wealth we have in that respect. Poets had political knowledge along with literary knowledge. They became ministers and lifelong friends of the patrons who supported them. The patrons, seeing the poets, cheered like a child who has seen its mother. Many of the patrons in Kuruntokai literature have been celebrated by poets through their songs. Their bravery, excellence, military strength, fighting skills, the city they lived in, and historical references are also featured in the songs. This research paper has explained the pride of such patrons who have been established in this way.</p> Sasirekha P, Bhuvaneshwari T, Nivetha K, Elizabethrani G, Nallamuthu R Copyright (c) 2022 Sasireha P, Bhuvaneshwari T, Nivetha K, Elizabethrani G, Nallamuthu R Tue, 09 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Geethanjali shree ke upanyaas “Mai” mein prastut “Mai” kee manodasha <p>Geethanjali Shree's first novel is Mai. Keeping Mai as the central character in the novel, it is written how a woman plays country characters together throughout her life and stays in her central role, runs the family, fulfils social responsibility and fulfils her imagination. The novel shows an open account of who takes the help of whom to do this. Draws the blueprint of Mai's multifaceted central role from the point of view of a daughter, in which, like a reel, from her childhood to her youth, she clearly conveys everything, because of Mai, she is not a woman but worldly folk behaviour and life. Where can go the perfect circle of the banyan tree, which includes everything that is important in Mai's life, from good and bad things to accidents, which go home in Mai's subconscious and which Mai is never forgotten, Mai's living by this side is not liked by her children, she wants to liberate them, Mai is poor in the eyes of children, Mai's wishes are never seen in Mai's family, she Ignored, Mai devoted to her family, thus presenting the feelings of Mai.</p> Amsaveni D Copyright (c) 2022 Amsaveni D Tue, 09 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0000 'Place Name' in Post-Independence Odia Poetry <p>This article presents a discussion of 'Place Name' based poems in post-independence Odia poetry. That is the 'Poetry of Regional Geography', in other words 'Poetry of Place Names'. In all these poems 'Geography' is not only expressed here as a source of natural beauty; History, society, culture, people's life, struggles, revolutions and the new surgeon's public consciousness have emerged in it! In all these poems, in the Geographical field, a kind of eternal approach has gained importance rather than accidental forms. In Geographical Articulations in poetry or literature, the geographical past, significance, present and future orientations as well as cultural and natural aesthetics come significantly into the poetic canvas. However, it is worth noting that based on the convenience of the discussion, it has been divided into different stages and the said article has been moved towards a brief discussion of the special poems written by him in the order of appearance of the poets.</p> Bikesh Sahu Copyright (c) 2022 Bikesh Sahu Fri, 30 Sep 2022 00:00:00 +0000