Cadmium oxide nanostructures were prepared utilising a noval microwave irradiated wet chemical technique with sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate as the surfactant and two distinct co-reagents (NH3 and NaOH). XRD, and FTIR were used to examine the microstructural properties of synthesised and heat-treated (300°C) CdO nanostructures. As prepared and annealed smaples, the fluctuation of crystallite size and morphology of CdO nanostructures with different co-reagents was investigated. The average crystallite size of the samples was 11.4 to 17.8 nm for the NH3 reagent and 9.7 to 16.8 nm for the NaOH reagent.


Nanostructures, Wet Chemical synthesis, Cadmium oxide nanostructures, Microstructural analysis,


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