Uniform and adhesive Manganese doped cerium oxide (MDC) films are successfully deposited by Nebulizer Spray Pyrolysis (NSP) technique. The MDC films are characterized by XRD, FT-IR, UV-ViS, PL and I-V analysis.  X-ray diffraction peaks reveal the single-phase polycrystalline cubic fluorite structure with preferential orientation along (2 0 0) direction. The broad bands observed at 695, 659, 538 and 517 cm-1 are due to the envelope of (Ce=O) symmetric, asymmetric terminal stretching and phonon band of metal oxide (Ce-O) network from FT-IR spectra. The transmittance decreases with Mn concentration due to the increase in scattering of photon by crystal defects created by doping and lower ionic size of Mn. The electrons in the outer orbits have travelled to the higher energy levels and have occupied vacant positions in energy bands. Some of the NBE emission and green emission peaks are vanished at higher doping level of Mn. The occurrence of a strong and broad blue emission peak at 15% for MDC films has been confirmed from emission spectra.


MDC, Cubic Fluorite, Oxygen vacancy, PL,


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