In order to sustain the vertical load and guarantee the stability of various constructed environments, structural columns are essential. These columns can lose their integrity over time as a result of things like age, corrosion, seismic activity, or modifications in the conditions under which they are loaded unlike designed results in nano defects. If this is the case, conventional techniques of rehabilitation and strengthening might not be adequate to help them return to their prior levels of performance. Nowadays, wrapping techniques have become one of the most efficient and cutting-edge methods for improving the load-bearing capacity, ductility, and longevity of columns. The numerous wrapping techniques used to strengthen and refit columns to lengthen their useful lives are thoroughly analyzed in this paper. The objective is to provide a complete understanding of the concepts, elements, and practical uses related to different wrapping strategies. Steel, fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP), soft computing methods, and hybrid materials are some of the strategies that are currently being looked at. The fundamental physics of column wrapping, such as stress redistribution, confinement, and interactions between the material used for wrapping and the host column's structure are listed. The review additionally emphasizes how important suitable design, material selection, installation strategies, and quality control methods are to the successful implementation of column wrapping techniques. Numerous kinds of factors, such as the environment, loading patterns, and long-term performance, have been taken into account to shed light on the resilience and sustainability of wrapped columns. The detailed examination of wrapping techniques in this article offers a comprehensive picture of the most significant present progress and potential in the field of column strengthening, improving the overall toughness and resilience of built structures.


Retrofitting, Jacketing, Partial wrapping, Soft computing, Ductility improvement, Structural enhancement, Nano cracks,


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