ZnO nano-particles is synthesized using hydrated zinc chloride (ZnCl2.2H2O) as main raw components. It is calcined at different temperatures (i.e., 200 ⁰C, 400 ºC, 600 ⁰C and 800 ⁰C). Synthesized ZnO is characterized by XRD, SEM/EDS, HRTEM, UV Visible, and Band Gap. XRD result showed pure wurtzite-structure and is crystalline nature. Both XRD results and SAED obtained from pattern HRTEM studies are indicated similar information of the ZnO nanomaterials. Both FESEM and HRTEM techniques are used to observe surface morphology of ZnO nanomaterials.  Such analyses are directed to the thermo-chemical reaction of prepared nanostructures. FESEM analysis showed different nano-sized structures of synthesized ZnO. Different nanostructures of ZnO are found in HRTEM images. EDS results of synthesized ZnO is showed to find Zn and oxygen elements. UV Visible and band gap are indicated.


Synthesis, ZnO, Growth technique, XRD, FESEM, HRTEM, Band gap,


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