Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that have attracted a lot of investment and attention. It is challenging and essential for investors and traders to predict their stock price movements. Making accurate predictions about cryptocurrency prices is crucial for avoiding losses and gaining profits. Our research proposes a novel method for predicting the stock closed prices of three popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot. The SVR (Support vector regression) machine learning method can provide robust and accurate predictions for nonlinear and nonstationary data. This paper compares SVR radial basis functions (RBFs) and hybrid kernels based on cryptocurrency data characteristics. SVR parameters such as regularization, gamma, and epsilon can also be tuned using grid search. Our approach is tested on real-world cryptocurrency stock prices collected from Yahoo Finance. Prediction performance is measured using regression metrics like MAPE (Mean absolute percentage error) and R2 score. In our work, a MAPE value of 0.07772 and an R2 score of 0.9999 have been obtained. The results of our experiments indicate that our approach is significantly more accurate and reliable than existing methods.


Cryptocurrency, Stock Prediction, SVR, RBF, Hybrid Kernels, Grid Search, regression metrics,


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