The need to discover novel methods for creating sustainable materials is growing due to the depletion of the Earth's resources and increasing environmental concerns. Several studies have focused on the handling of agricultural waste in an attempt to mitigate the ecological issues associated with agricultural debris removal. Large volumes of agricultural waste are generated annually, posing a significant challenge from both ecological and financial perspectives. In alignment with the principles of a sustainable economy, such waste can be employed as supplementary ingredients to produce high-value goods. The utilization of organic waste from agriculture has become indispensable for the development of sustainable and lightweight biopolymer-based composites. This brief review delves into the expanding field of lightweight agronomic surplus biomass materials suitable for environmental applications. It places particular emphasis on the utilization of biopolymers in creating these materials. The study explores how agricultural waste biomass can be sustainably repurposed and transformed into eco-friendly composite materials. It examines the innovations, materials, and methods contributing to this ecological trend, with a focus on the potential environmental benefits. This review highlights the progress achieved in the development of these hybrids, drawing attention to the numerous ways in which environmentally friendly biopolymer-based materials can be utilized.


Biopolymers, Sustainable materials, Cellulose, Starch, Natural composites, Lightweight applications, Ecological Applications, Environmentally Friendly Composites,


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