The objective of this study is to enhance the efficiency of biodiesel production from Bauhinia monandra seeds through the application of response surface methodology (RSM). The subsequent evaluation will focus on the fuel characterisation and properties measurement. The process was optimised by adjusting the methanol-oil molar ratio (MOR), reaction (RTe), and reaction time (RTm). The ASTM set the standards for conducting the property measurements, and the fuel characterization was performed using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The optimisation analysis revealed that the highest yield of BMB was achieved by employing an MOR of 7.4:1, keeping a temperature of 80 °C, and allowing the reaction to occur for a duration of 64 minutes. In optimal circumstances, the yield rate of BPB is recorded at 89.3%. According to FTIR, the BMB consists of carbon-based components of superior quality, and the measured physicochemical properties of fuel meet the required standards.


Waste to Energy, Bauhinia monandra, Wind driven optimization, FTIR, GC-MS,


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