Contribution of Siddi Lebbe for Educational Development of Sri Lankan Muslims – A Historical perspective

Mujahid ALM
Department of Islamic Studies, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.


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Mr. Siddilebbe was one of the great personalities of Sri Lanka. He was a lawyer, educationist, scholar, philosopher, divination, writer, publisher, social reformer, proctor, visionary and Muslim community leader. Also as the leader of Sri Lankan Muslim community, he guided the Muslims to be released from the traditional conservative thoughts of refusing modernization to forward looking one in order to survive in the prevailing contemporary situation. During the era of Siddi Lebbe, the Muslims face a huge drawback in all the fields such a political, economic and social. The service rendered by Mr Siddi Lebbe were widespread and countless in the fields of politics, economy, education, culture and religion of Sri Lankan Muslims. We can figure out these facts when we analyze and asses his works and services accomplished by him having considered the prevailed situations of Muslims in the 19th century. Thus the ultimate aim of this research is to bring to light the contributions made by Mr Siddi Lebbe to the development of motherland, to both Muslims and the other brotherly communities. Furthermore, I hope this would be secondary date based research and useful for those who engage in researches about the great scholar Mr Siddi Lebbe.


  • Siddi Lebbe,
  • Modern Thoughts,
  • Sri Lankan Muslims,
  • Educational development


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