Scientific Thoughts Expressed by Old Tamil Literatures Synopsis Science is a scientific form of thought recorded in old Tamil literature.  Thoughts can be seen as expressions of the life activities of the people of that time.  Scientific ideas also merged with the ancient Tamils as they tended to adapt their lives to nature.  They have lived with biological, astronomical, mathematical, medical, biological, chronological, craft, geological, etc. scientific disciplines.  This study is aimed at identifying and documenting the reflections of such scientific ideas on how they have been studied in ancient Tamil literature.  The dissertation is characterized by the fact that the dissertation has been used extensively in old Tamil literature, as well as old Tamil essays, magazines, and electronic commentaries.  Based on these, the study concludes that Tamils have had the best scientific knowledge since the dawn of time.  Therefore, this study also suggests that many more studies should be carried out by researchers focusing on the ancient Tamil literature. 


Old Tamils, Literature, Science, Thought,


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