Human life is of high purpose. Intended goal. Human life is not a life made up of organs. Emotions are also a life of morality.  High civilization and culture must prevail in human life. Human life is complete in evidence. The goal of testimony is pure love, which gives that pleasure. Therefore, life is about living by activities in such a way that the body, soul and consciousness are all benefited. In that sense, life is a collection of people's values. It identifies the identity of an individual by how he operates in the public sphere and how he acts in the social sphere. Religion explains the spiritual relationship between man and God. Religion is the spiritual art of cultivating man into a divine being. There are many names of religion, but the goal is the same. Similarly, though there are many principles, God is the only God in the form of grace, power and knowledge. That is why the proverb that without Him not an atom moves clearly proves this fact.


Periyapuranam, Hospitality, Traditions, Human life, Religion,


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