Kalittokai is one of the ancient Tamil literature collections of Ettuthogai. Kalithogai, a compilation of poems by many poets, contains 150 poems composed of caliphate composed of sound melodious and taravu, tazhisa, monosol and suritakam. Tolkappiyar mentions the Kalippa and the Paripadal as the appropriate forms of texting in the field of subjects. Kalithokai is a book sung by a song and known for its hymns. Kaikkilai, Perunthinai and Madaleruthu, which are not mentioned in other Akatthinai texts, occur only in Kalithogai. It can also be said to be a lover's introduction. Through these songs, the earliest moral traditions, events, traditions and also the glorious adaptation of Tamil and Tamils are found in Kalithogai.


Kalittokai, Tamil literature, Traditions, Kalippa,


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