Is the Tamil language Conjugation or Grafting

Godwin Sudharsan A
Department of Tamil, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur-610005, Tamil Nadu, India.
Ravi S
Department of Tamil, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur-610005, Tamil Nadu, India.


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Language is the main tool that helps people to communicate their thoughts, emotions, likes and dislikes to others. Research about the origin of the language are often biased. Hence the origin of the language cannot be determined. In order to understand the language, linguists classify it in various ways based on its nature, character, usage, number of users etc. Among these, the languages of the world are divided into independent, conjunctive, and so on. Although many languages have appeared in the world, only a few languages have survived. Among the languages that have survived, some have lost its value as spoken language and living only as literary languages. Among the languages that appear, grow and disappear, Tamil is the most important language that appeared in ancient times and has grown with influence and is still alive today. This Tamil language, which has an ancient grammatical and literary richness and the unique feature of adapting itself according to the times, has two different linguistic elements in itself, grafting and conjugation. Pointing to the interdisciplinary nature of Tamil, which is often labeled as a hybrid language, this article is to analyse whether Tamil is a conjugation or grafting.


  • Tamil Language Structure,
  • Isolating Languages,
  • Agglutinating Languages,
  • Inflectional Languages,
  • Stem words


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