Specialties of Tamil in Vaanidasan's Works

Punidavathi K.S
Department of Tamil, School of Arts and Science, Sri Manakula Vinayakar Engineering College (Autonomous Institution), Madagadipet, Puducherry-605107, India


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Poet Vaanidasan can be admired as "poets are born not made". Poet Kannadasan has mentioned in Thentral magazine that if his works are translated into English, he may win the Nobel Prize. In the history of twentieth century literature, he is distinguished as an ideal poet and influenced by poet Bharathidasan. He is Bharathidasan's first student. He has received all the special titles like Tamil Kaatha Pudumai kavinar, Poet of Nature, Bhavalar Mani, Kavinareru Bhavalar Mannan. Awarded "Chevalier" by the French Government. All his poems are about Tamil language, Tamil people, it's culture, features and so on.  He gave importance to nature. A poetic voice for the advancement of women. This article aims to highlight the special features of Tamil that are revealed in the works of Vaanidasan.


  • Vanidhasan,
  • Kavithaigal,
  • Tamil,
  • Specialties


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