Classical Literature in Poet Kannadasan’s Cine Songs

Ilango M
Department of Tamil & Research Centre, Senthamil college, Madurai-625001, Tamil Nadu, India.


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Classical literature and Kannadasan's screenplay are two literary elements of the same language. Classicism has deeply influenced Poet Kannadasan. The impact of such literature on literary critics is inevitable. The rich ideas of classicism abound in Kannadasan's screen music. Tolkappiyam is the oldest of the available. Classicism is younger than that. The literature between the two disappeared over time. At that time, Tolkappiyam and Sevvilakkiyam revived Tamil. During this period, Kannadasan's screen songs have flooded the Tamil language. The lyrics and techniques contained in the classic and Kannadasan's screen compositions are like an ocean. This article describes some of the virtues of having peace in the depths of such an ocean.


  • Classical Literature,
  • Tolkappiyam,
  • Kannadasan,
  • Tamil literature,
  • Screenplay,
  • Cine Songs
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Volume 2, Issue 4, Year 2021

Published 2021-12-27