The manifestations of secularism in the Arabic literature of the Jahiliyyah period: A study prioritizing the views of Gus Bin Zaydah

Hamthoon PM
Faculty of Arts& Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.


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Jahillayath means ignorance. The Arabic word Jahiliyyah refers to the zealous culture and civilized society in the Islamic case. It is against Islam. The Jahiliyya community is a brutal society with human characteristics cut off. Gus bin Zaydah was a literary figure who lived in the so-called Jahiliyya social period. It can be observed that Islamic thought is often exaggerated in his poetry and prose literature. Much of his literature, prose and poetry, speaks of the triviality of worldly life and the permanence of the afterlife. Death is expressed in many of his speeches and poems. This is in stark contrast to pagan literature. Therefore, this study seeks to introduce Jahiliyyah and express the uniqueness of Arabic literature and to reveal the secular expressions of thought in the literary aspects of the Jahiliyya period writer Gus bin Zaydah. For this purpose descriptive and analytical methods were used and studied.


  • Secularism,
  • Arabic Literature,
  • Jahiliyyah Period,
  • Gus Bin Zaydah


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Article Details

Volume 2, Issue 4, Year 2021

Published 2021-11-29