Archaeologically known Town names in Pathupaatu

Manimegalai S
Department of Tamil, Sacerd Heart College (Autonomoues), Tirupattur-635601, Tamil Nadu, India


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Names are symbols that have arisen to denote an object, a person, a place. Toponyms are names that distinguish a place from other places, just like a thing or a person. Place names or town names are very old. The idea that "place names must have originated when the human mind decided to live and take shelter in one place" is also worthy of discussion. The news we know through toponymy greatly supports the study of our historical, cultural and linguistic fields and without toponymy, research on history and culture cannot be considered complete. Among many sources like literature, charters, rhymes, and other folk references, the usefulness of the inscription is very great to know about town names. In that way, this article seeks to investigate the place names revealed through the inscriptions in Pathupaatu.


  • Town names,
  • Pathupaatu,
  • Place names,
  • Culture


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Volume 4, Issue 3, Year 2023

Published 2023-09-05

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