In modern days, people are getting too busy in their works but still they need to spend time in shopping malls. In Shopping malls, customers face a difficulty to follow a queue for the process of billing, which takes a long time under huge crowd. Customer thought that, to avoid the standing time in the billing section at shopping malls. To overcome the above problems, we emerged the Bascart system. To increase the pace of a billing process, RFID tags in products, then the product is read by the barcode scanner which describes the cost of that product and is displays on the LCD screen attached in our shopping list. As customer buy their exact product its price is add on the previous list. The cost of the product is displayed on the LCD screen by using microcontroller through Zigbee Communication from host PC. Zigbee supports bidirectional communication between microcontroller and host PC. We have proposed the Weighing Sensor for the purpose of checking the weight of the items and it is directly stored in the server database. Customer get direct bill at the billing section which is already stored at host PC which automatically reduces the queue. Then GSM Module in our system is used to detect the Geo-position of the customer’s mobile for the process of intimating the shopping details of the customer through messages which is already updated in database.


Microcontroller ATmega16, RFID Tags, Barcode Scanner, GLCD, Zigbee, Weighing Sensor, GSM Module,


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