Alcohol is a psychoactive substance that provides energy, but it is also responsible for the development of numerous diseases. The main aim of this study is to access the protective effect of vitamin C on alcohol induced lipid peroxidation and dyslipidaemia in adult male Wistar rats. Forty male Wistar rats weighing between 150g-250g were randomly grouped into four groups of five rats each after a fourteen days acclimatization period. The control group received food and water only, test group B received 6000 mg/kg of alcohol, group C received 100 mg/kg of vitamin C, group D received 200 mg/kg of vitamin C, group E received 300mg/kg of vitamin C, group F received 6000 mg/kg of alcohol and 100 mg/kg of vitamin C, group G received 6000 mg/kg of alcohol and 200 mg/kg of vitamin C, and group H received 6000 mg/kg of alcohol and 300 mg/kg of vitamin C. The administration was done for twenty-one days, blood was collected form he ocular vein and analysed for level of lipid peroxidation and fasting lipid profile, using standard procedure. The results showed that alcohol increased the level of lipid peroxidation, low density lipoprotein, cholesterol and triglycerides, and decreased the level of high-density lipoprotein. However, in the co-administration groups, positive changes were noticed in the level of lipid peroxidation, LDL, cholesterol, and triglycerides, and there was an improvement in the level of HDL. Positive changes were also seen in the groups administered with different doses of vitamin C. The study's findings suggest that vitamin C may be useful in managing alcohol-induced toxicity since it had a favourable effect on lipid profile and peroxidation.


Alcohol, Lipid Peroxidation, Lipid Profile, Vitamin C,


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