The recent global pandemic, Covid-19, has crippled the activities of virtually all sectors of the world’s economy, including art. This has resulted in low patronage and, in some cases, a total shutdown of art galleries in the world. Managing an art gallery has, therefore, become a herculean task. This discourse, therefore, takes a look at achieving excellence in art gallery management in a global pandemic. Its objectives are to find ways of achieving excellence in art gallery management in a global pandemic; advance possible ways or means of creating innovative management strategies, and ascertain the role of art management in the visual art sector for effective service delivery. The paper relied on library and internet sources and participant observation research methods. The paper concludes that transparency, resilience, and speed are required to achieve excellence in art gallery management in a global pandemic. It is recommended that Art galleries should evolve by employing online access to doing business alongside traditional methods.


Art Gallery Management, Covid-19, Online Sales, Pandemic,


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