The essence of this study is to examine the relationship between sustainability strategy and service quality innovativeness of manufacturing firms in Ogun State.Four objectives, research questions and hypotheses were postulated in order to find to get close to the unknown of the study.  Two hundred and sixty-six senior personnel and distributors formed the sample size from thirty-eight (38) manufacturing firms.  A self-designed instrument was used for the collection of primary data andPearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) was the statistical tool used in analysing the primary data.  From the findings of the study it was revealed that there is relationship between sustainability strategy and service quality innovativeness in manufacturing firms in Ogun State.  Based on the findings, it was recommended thatmanufacturing firms should keep to the strategic rules of being not easy to imitate, heterogeneity, unique and rare, etc., to enjoy the full benefit of sustainability strategy in the industry.  Again, serious caution should be exercise in adopting more than one sustainability strategies at the same time.


Sustainability Strategy, Service Quality, Innovativeness, Introverted, Extroverted, Conservative, Visionary,


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