SMEs need to cultivate the spirit of budgeting irrespective of size and type of firm. This study discusses; fundraising techniques SMEs can adopt, outlines avenues for shopping money and details essential budgets that businesses can practice in order to compare, control, review, grow and measure performance periodically. The projected or budgeted statement of financial position is recommended for SMEs that intend to grow faster and compete with big (large) enterprises. Through qualitative research approach, data was extracted with the aid of search tool based on strata of keywords centered on the topic. The study lightens; entrepreneurs, investors and management spirit on the different fundraising techniques and avenues. For successful fundraising and budgeting practices, SMEs should adhere to sound and observable guidelines in order to be successful, sustainable, competitive, and to grow to big enterprises.


SMEs Budgeting Practices, Businesses, Entrepreneur, Firms, SMEs Fundraising, SMEs,


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