The emphasis on tithing in modern day Zimbabwean Pentecostal churches is now of a major concern. This study unravels tithing in the selected churches to see how the doctrine is implemented. It follows (Deuteronomy 14: 22-29) which prescribes how tithing should be done. However, Pentecostal churches seem to take a different approach altogether which promotes tithing as a benefit for the pastors and other church leaders. Qualitative research methodology was used to gather the data in the study. Interviews, document analysis and observations were used. Findings reveal that some pastors are mis-appropriating tithes for their own benefit at the expense of other vulnerable members of the church. It thus recommends that a new of handling tithes be implemented that tries to balance off with every stakeholder.


Tithing, Prosperity, Giving, Poor and widows, Gospel and goldspel,


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