This paper analyses factors impacting faculty-student rapport. The instrument used for this research was professor-student scale by Wilson et al (Georgia Southern University, 2010). 800 students from eight private universities/institutions of NCR, India were the respondents for this research. These private universities/institutions imparted engineering and management education. SPSS version 20 was used for data analysis. Factor analysis showed that all the items of the questionnaire can be categorized among seven (7) components. These seven components were named as student interest and motivation, expertise and problem-solving, personality/attributes of the faculty, open communication, approachability, authenticity and congruence. These components and the extent to which they impact FSR have been explained in the full-length paper. Practical implication of the paper is that faculty should pay due attention to these factors while building rapport with the students in higher education. Paying attention to these would lead to optimum rapport with the students.


Factor analysis, Faculty-student rapport, Higher education, Determinants, Antecedents, Engineering, Management,


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